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Wild Coast hikes

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Port St. Johns to Coffee Bay Hikes

Explore the beautiful Wild Coast with us!

The Wild Coast has many attractions. It is rich in history, with many of South Africa's heroes originating from the area. It offers superb hiking landscapes, with pristine beaches and rolling hills mixed with subtropical jungles. For those who want to experience what life in rural Africa is all about, it is the only place in South Africa with such easy access to African culture.

The 61 km Wild Coast Hike starts in Port St Johns and ends in Coffee Bay (or vice versa). It has 4 overnight stops in rural villages. Accommodation is provided by the local people. There is the option of extending the hike for a few days, hiking to Hole In The Wall (an iconic Wild Coast landmark) and on to Bulungula Backpackers Lodge.

Trumpeter hornbill (Wild Coast bird species)
African Monarch butterfly
Wild Coast crayfish
Spotted Grunter (Wild Coast fish species)
Humpack Whale (Wild Coast species)
Traditional Pondo woman
Nguni cow
Aloe (Wild Coast plant species)
Bottlenose dolphin

Our guided hiking tours are led by local guides and porters, who come from the many villages on the Wild Coast. They are all well-trained and speak good English. Your Wild Coast hiking guide will give you insights into the daily life of the local people, and their customs and rituals. There are six rivers that need to be crossed. This is mostly by rowboat, but some can be waded across at low tide. Extras include fishing, learning traditional cooking, Xhosa language lessons, surfing etc. When booking the hike, please let us know which activities you want to do so that everything can be arranged in advance.

It is possible to do the hike in 4 days by hiking 23km on Day One. This is only for the very fit and those who do not have time to spare.

This is a village-based tourism initiative. The Wild Coast is an impoverished rural area in South Africa's poorest province, and tourism is one of the few things that bring money into the area. Villagers providing accommodation, ferrymen, subsistence fishermen, artists and craftsmen all benefit from your visit, as do the trained guides employed by Wild Side Hiking.

To learn about our Tours go here and to view our Rates go here. Then Contact us to book your tour here. Otherwise keep reading to get a short overview of what we do!

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"We were incredibly impressed by the level of professionalism from the unit. Albert runs a well-oiled machine. Our guide (Gini) and driver (Themba) were so friendly, nothing was too much trouble, and they knew their way around the area like the backs of their hands. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. The journey in seems challenging but go for it - you will be rewarded by the most beautiful coastline, hospitable people and revitalising exercise."

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"We felt so lucky to have found such a easy-going, knowledgeable, and open guide to explore the Wild Coast with. Albert knows these communities so well and really gave us the inside view into the beautiful lifestyles, relationships, and ways of life that exist In the magical eastern cape. We loved hiking through jungle, sand beaches, navigating through rocky cliffs, and, at the end of the day, relaxing with our feet up to a breathtaking view and a delicious local meal and drinks. It was an adventure that will always be remembered and I'm sure we will be back!"

Trumpeter hornbill (Wild Coast bird species)
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"Walking through the Wild Coast is a mindboggling experience, almost like visiting a different world. Incredible views that look much bigger than they do in photos, and I can't imagine a better or more authentic cultural tour. It's a must for anyone who wants to find out all about rural Africa today. Very friendly people all along the hiking trail - definitely not like city life! Thanks to Albert for such a friendly professional experience."

Aloe (Wild Coast plant species)

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Bottlenose dolphin
Humpback whale drawing
The Gap, Port St Johns
Giant strelitzia
Nguni cow
Cape Parrot
Spotted grunter fish
Pondo woman
Trumpeter hornbill
African Monarch butterfly

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